Selbststärkende Gemeinschaft, Basel

„Nobody is so rich that he needs nothing from others; nobody is so poor that he has nothing to share.“

Adalberto Barreto

'Selbststärkende Gemeinschaft' is a self-help project which aims to create a safe and respectful space in which participants may share and exchange their thoughts and everyday concerns with others. Meetings are guided by a leader along a set format comprising a small number of clear and simple rules. One rule is that people speak only about themselves and not about others. Participants do not give or receive advice. Noone is subject to any form of judgement and there are no discussions. The wisdom lies within the individual life-experiences of participants. Support and community arise when life-experiences are shared.

This is not a psychotherapy.

The meetings are free of charge and are open to anyone interested, at any time. All are welcome. Registration is not required. We speak German and English. French and Italian are possible and can be translated.

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