Old Age

Aging implies, on the one hand, a loss pf physical strength, and on the other hand an increase of personal freeedom. We no longer need to prove anything to ourselves or to others. Long-established personality structures may soften and mellow. We can just be who we are. Possible relevant issues:

  • Acceptance of, and reconciliation with, the life one has led
  • Which situations and memories keep reemerging and may still need to be understood?
  • Which wounds remain unhealed?
  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • Becoming more aware of one`s physical self in the body
  • Dealing with loss or the challenge of loneliness
  • Intergenerational problems
  • Questions concerning the meaning of life in this particular phase
  • Fear of death and dying
  • Counselling and support for relatives of Alzheimer's patients
Ueberschrift: Themen